Charlie Carrel Keeps Busy In Retirement With A Bankroll Challenge

1 year ago
Charlie Carrel Keeps Busy In Retirement With A Bankroll Challenge
23 Aug

Charlie Carrel, the UK ex-pro poker player ‘retired’ last year – you know what, by now you can just take the air quotes as implied – retired last year with over $6 million in live tournament cashes including a $1.2 million cash for first in the High Roller event at the 2015 EPT Monte Carlo. Now he’s back, grinding the micros.

Though not because he’s done off his roll paying for hookers and cocaine, just that to keep the poker monkey off his back, he’s opted for the methadone of a fiddy to $10k bankroll challenge rather than going cold turkey. And he’ll be streaming on Twitch.

He’s been coaching poker a little and that comes across in his narration. He clearly gets micro-stakes players in a way that most high stakes pros have probably forgotten. 

So combining what he’s learned as a coach with the micro-stakes grind turns out to be an informative format to watch. And one most people starting out could probably get something from.

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In addition to the usual rules for these sorts of things, he’s also decided to make it as close to how it would be if he were starting from scratch today. So that means Zoom (for volume) and it means Stars despite the Negreanu level rake.

Starting at 2NL he’s already up to the 10NL games after just seven days of part-time play. 

The series is turning into a pretty good primer in micro-stakes poker, if you can cope with his unusual music choices.

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