Cryptonia Poker Pre-ICO Launches

2 years ago
Cryptonia Poker Pre-ICO Launches
10 Apr

It’s the turn of Cryptonia Poker to take the spotlight in the world of crypto-poker sites, April 10th seeing the launch of its pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which will give earl-bird players and investors the chance to gobble up 200million of the poker-room’s ‘Cryptonia’ tokens at almost half the price.

The three stage ICO will initially see the Ethereum-based poker-room offer 1/5th of its total tokens at a price of 1ETH for 11,000 CPC (the in-game currency) allowing them to further their ambitious plans for tournaments round-the-clock, as well as a 35% rakeback scheme.

With 1000 million tokens available in total, the breakdown is certainly worth taking a look at – a combination of investment and reward:

April 10th
200million CPC @ 1 ETH ~ 11,000 CPC
Stage 1 ICO
May 1st
275 million CPC @ 1 ETH ~ 7,000 CPC
Stage 2 ICO
275 million CPC @ 1 ETH ~ 5,800 CPC

As the numbers show, there is a chunk of CPC to be set aside…

  • 15% of the tokens will be up for grabs in Cryptonia Poker’s opening tournament, a clever way to attract players into the innovative site, and will be given away as a combination of guarantees, leaderboard prizes and freerolls.
  • 5% will be reserved for exchanges, thus ensuring the cryptocurrency remains healthy – a big plus for potential players and investors.
  • The final 5% will be distributed to the Cryptonia team and advisers, because those behind the scenes need to be paid after all!

So, what can players expect from Cryptonia?

The first part of the plan is to get the tournament schedule up-and-running, with attractive guarantees designed to pull in new players and boost the pool.

This in turn will see the price of Cryptonia rise so, as with most pre-ICO’s, it’s the early birds who make the most out of it.

Rakeback scheme

Cryptonia’s plan to return 35% of the rake every month will see them add it to jackpots, bounties and tournament guarantees, the combination designed to motivate people to play more and also to add liquidity to the poker rooms.

As the Cryptonia community grows, so too will the number and variants of games on offer, with a 24/7 schedule to ‘entertain gamers from different parts of the world’ and of all different levels.

To get in on the early-bird pre-ICO offers, head across to Cryptonia Poker’s extensive and well-explained website or first check out our previous article on the newest crypto-poker kid on the block…

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