Dan Smith Battles the Botez Sisters in an Epic Chess Game

1 week ago
Dan Smith Battles the Botez Sisters in an Epic Chess Game
20 Jun

Dan Smith entered the BotezLive broadcast for some fast-paced chess action, showcasing his chess abilities remain top-notch despite not having played competitively for years.

Smith is one of the most renowned poker personalities, having earned over $38,000,000 in live tournaments, and looks likely to increase his earnings in the future. Smith was an accomplished chess player when he became a full-time poker player, and it appears he still enjoys the game.

He recently accepted Alexandra Botez's offer to play a few blitz chess games on a live broadcast, wagering $20 each to liven things up. The outcomes were deadlocked after four games, so the two agreed to play the fifth and deciding game for $50. Smith recorded a spectacular victory, promoting his pawn to a rook and delivering a checkmate to Alexandra's penniless king.

At that moment, her sister Andrea, acting as an observer and making fun of Dan throughout the game, stepped over to attempt to salvage the Botez family's dignity. She succeeded, defeating the poker professional in the last game.

As a result, the match concluded with no winner on the table, but it was a terrific spectacle, so both poker and chess lovers won. It was all beautiful sentiments, and we look forward to a rematch.

Moreover, it's only suitable for a poker player to battle Alex on her turf after she did so during a recent Hustler Live stream when she won over $500,000 in a game against poker superstars such as Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth.

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