Dan Smith Double Up Drive Donates $150k to Afghan Refugee Crisis

3 weeks ago
Dan Smith Double Up Drive Donates $150k to Afghan Refugee Crisis
23 Aug

The horrific refugee crisis unfolding in Afghanistanhas led one of poker’s biggest charity fundraisers to do his bit to help out, Dan Smith launching a Double-Up Drive that has matched $150,000 in donations...

Smith’s charity drives have seen $18million raised since 2014 and this time he has recommended the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) for anyone looking to aid those looking to escape recriminations from the Taliban.

With US troops recently pulling out of the country, as well as other nations’ armed forces, the Islamist terrorist organisation have reportedly been targeting anyone connected to the former regime and their allies.

That has seen chaos on the ground in Kabul as tens of thousands attempt to flee reprisals, and the IRAP are trying to ensure that those most in danger are relocated.

Smith’s call to help fund the refugee assistance soon bore fruit, Dan tweeting within 2 days that $60k of the $100k had been filled, thanking the poker world.

“Grateful for the continued support of the community. Has been a very cool thing to witness over the years,” wrote Dan, and there was more to follow.

The next day he revealed that he had “found a large $50k donor to increase the match from $100k to $150k!”

Smith’s involvement in the charity sector has seen more than $18million going to good causes, with a COVID-19 Double Up Drive last year quickly raising $250k.

Dan 'Jungleman' Cates and Stephen Chidwick were among those in the poker world who matched public donations, after Smith called for help.

Smith said at the time:

“This COVID-19 pandemic is really unprecedented and horrific... I tend to be someone who really likes to be proactive about doing things. I decided to reach out to some people and it kind of got snowballing pretty quickly until now we have $250,000 ready to go to a bunch of families who are really in need in these dark times.”

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