Dan Smith’s Drunk Wrestling Results in Hospital Visit

1 year ago
Dan Smith’s Drunk Wrestling Results in Hospital Visit
18 Aug

While the game’s best female players are planning a powerlifting prop bet, high-stakes pro Dan Smith is recovering from a drunken wrestling match, proving that poker isn’t only a retreat for the more cerebral among us…

The New Jersey pro, known as Cowboy Dan for his love of all things ‘Western’, explained to his fans on Twitter that a moment of ego cost him dearly in the toy fighting while under the influence…

…the result being a lucky escape for the 29-year old who currently sits in 8th spot in the all-time tournament money-winners list with over $25million to his name, just behind the legendary Phil Ivey

Drunken wrestling is apparently quite a common pursuit among the poker community, Smith’s tweet sparking a slew of such memories and tales from others - Chance Kornuth and Alex Foxen to the fore…

…with Smith possible on the end of a previous slamming according to one poster…

…and Danielle ‘dmoongirl’ Andersen, at the heart of a benchpressing prop bet challenge with Lily Kiletto, posted a slightly cryptic response…

While boxing still seems to be the way for poker players to settle disputes, perhaps drunken wrestling will catch on as the new ‘heads-up’ – although Gus Hansen would likely take it to new levels very quickly!

As for Smith, fortunately it didn’t result in a big hit to his wallet either, although no insurance? Hmmm…poker players, lol!

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