Polk’s List of Boxing Challengers Set to Grow

4 years ago
Polk’s List of Boxing Challengers Set to Grow
01 Aug

JNandez calling out Doug Polk in a $50,000 boxing challenge has likely fired the imagination of many in the poker community who would love to see Polk stuck in front of them with nowhere to run, so for a bit of harmless fun let’s see who among his enemies would be first in line to take a pop at the divisive YouTube star!

1. Daniel ‘Kid Gloves’ Negreanu

If there is one person who would gladly slap Polk upside the head and make $50k from it, it’s Daniel Negreanu – ‘KidPoker’ a constant target for Polk’s verbal jabs… and occasional swinging left hooks…

…and it might make sense of Negreanu’s most recent 'health plan’ – perhaps not so much ‘sexy time’ but ‘Showtime!’ the focus of his efforts?

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

2. Luke ‘CryptoCrusher’ Schwartz

If Negreanu is considered a bit of a lightweight to face the expansive bulk of Doug Polk, then Luke ‘_fullflush1_’ Schwartz might make for a better match-up, the solidly-built English pro not mincing his words when it comes to the Upswing Poker guru…

…their mutual dislike going back a long way and neither seeming to feel the need to end the needle, so a bout of fisticuffs seems sensible, although Schwartz told PokerTube today:

“I don’t think he would last 15 seconds”.

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

3. Jason ‘Mountain Man’ Mercier

Over the past few years Doug Polk has targeted a huge number of fellow pros – some deservedly so, but others blissfully unaware that there existed a problem until the former world number one heads-up pro let loose with an illegal backhander…

Mountain-man Mercier has the wild looks of someone who might well teach Polk what a ‘bad reg’ looks like in the boxing ring – although he clearly has back-up in case Polk gets in a lucky punch or two…

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

4. Ben ‘Tear-bringer’ Tollerene

Seeing a grown man cry is usually considered fine in the poker world when you, say, win the Main Event or your name is Mike Matusow or Phil Hellmuth – but if Ben Tollerene reduces Polk to tears in the boxing ring it won’t go down so well…

A nasty feud where neither man comes across well, but the clever money will be on the ‘tearbringer’ sitting on a 1-0 score already.

 Well, so far Polk is in big trouble; Negreanu already in training, Schwartz a natural-born killer, Mercier fighting for family and honour and Tollerene already inside Polk’s head psychologically. We need to give Polk a fighting chance, so how about…

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

5. Cate ‘Asskicker’ Hall

Oh shit! Polk is in for a world of hurt if Cate Hall decides to go full retard on his ass – and he’ll be left wishing he’d been a bit nicer to everyone these past few years as Hall has already disposed of musclebound Mike Dentale mano-a-errr, mano…

Their dispute? Basically white-on-white racism and, even though it was Polk’s least nasty dispute with his fellow pros, it starts to paint a pretty clear picture of a man who is happy to start a fight over anything at all

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