Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk Study Together

7 months ago
Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk Study Together
04 Feb

Grudge Match of the Century? Highstakes Feud? Arch rivals and sworn enemies? Just some of the descriptions of the poker - and personal - battle between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk over the past few years, months and weeks.

Until this week it seems, when the pair happily swapped thoughts and hand analysis in a bizarre BFF, study-buddy, love-in moment – Polk stating he was “glad we buried the hatchet” and describing DNegs as “a worthy opponent”.

Poker fans have gotten used to Polk’s near-constant derision of Negreanu, despite some lighter moments during their almost-completed $200/$400 HUNL fight, when the Upswing Poker boss realised the GGPoker ambassador would be no pushover across the felt.

As recently as last week the pair fell out after Negreanu responded to Polk’s limping with a tanking strategy – referee Phil Galfond called upon to sort out the squabbling as Twitter was set alight.

Negreanu himself had been on several rants and meltdowns throughout the 3-month match, but very little of it was aimed personally at Polk – though others were definitely in his sights, WSOP commentator Lon McEachern standing up to DNegs attack on co-host Norman Chad.

So, what are we to make of Negreanu and Polk becoming study buddies? Well, both men are known to blow hot and cold, and although there is likely only one session left to play, there is still time for a rapid turnaround in relations!

The public view of the new love affair was fun to read, a few of the best takes below… 

  • “Polk befriending Dnegs after years of relentless trolling and THEN beating him for ~million.... is a variant of Stockholm syndrome never seen or heard of in poker before.” - poker pro Melissa Burr
  • “It’s Batman versus Superman syndrome. Enemies at first then they have the common enemy. Only instead of doomsday it’s the unmistakably overt non-random aspect of online poker. I’m glad these guys put it on display for the world to see.” -poker fan ‘TheTaco’
  • “For a million bucks I’ll be best friends with any poker player. Okay maybe like a couple of exceptions,” -poker pro Valentin Vornicu

But perhaps we’ll give the past word for now to a meme from fellow highstakes poker pro Max Silver

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