Daniel Negreanu and Kevin Hart: Monte Carlo Super High Roller

4 years ago
Daniel Negreanu and Kevin Hart: Monte Carlo Super High Roller
06 May

Sometimes you can like a player despite not agreeing with their role in the poker world, and Daniel Negreanu for me is one those guys – PokerStars ‘shill’ perhaps, but an excellent man to learn a professional approach to the game from.

Likewise his new best friend Kevin Hart, the diminutive comedian not really making me laugh on stage or the big screen, but coming across as a likeable guy who loves his poker and wants to promote it as best he can.

Both men have been plying their poker-playing trade this past week in Monte Carlo, and Negreanu’s vlog is as good a way as any to get an insight into the jet-setting lifestyle mixed with the trials and tribulations of high-roller poker as any.

With Negreanu currently running well in the $25K buy-in, and Hart settling into his new PokerStars ‘ambassador’ or ‘partner’ role promising to ‘make poker fun again’, last week’s travelogue was an enjoyable 20-minutes of what it’s like to prepare for, play in and unfortunately burn through €200,000 in the Super High Roller!

First-class travel is unlikely to be anything new for either player, Negreanu having amassed over $33million in tournament earnings while his card-playing comedian counterpart was estimated by Forbes last year at a net worth of a staggering $128million!

It’s a different world from that which most of us exist in, Negreanu’s 2-floor luxury suite testament to that – and seeing fellow high-roller specialist Daniel Colman turning up to play in his bathrobe isn’t an everyday occurrence at most casinos!

Negreanu is full of beans, at least for the first 18 minutes of his vlog, swapping jokes with Hart, planning his gym workouts and dietary needs, and generally planning to lift aloft the trophy – until the poker gods intervene that is!

As Dnegs fine well himself, you can play as well as possible, but you can’t control the cards – his pocket aces getting cracked when well ahead of the pack, and a 3-outer on the river finishing off his plans for Super High Roller mastery.

Still, if you want to prepare like the pros, have a look at Daniel’s approach – and if you like your poker to come with a comedy touch, Hart’s definitely your man!

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