Daniel Negreanu Does The Worst Scotty Nguyen Impressions

1 year ago
Daniel Negreanu Does The Worst Scotty Nguyen Impressions
23 May

There is a long history of old white dudes making fun of foreign languages from Roberts and Callahan’s 1917 song “Ching-Chong” to the UKIP candidate’s casual use of “Bongo-Bongo Land”. Even the word barbarian comes from the fact that “bababa” was the nonsense noise the Ancient Greeks used to denote foreign speech, much the same way we might suggest that it is all Greek to me

Daniel Negreanu’s entry to that illustrious tradition is a babble of pseudo-Vietnamese which he performs to the surprisingly good-natured amusement of Scotty Nguyen. This comes hot on the tail of Daniel’s oft used impression of Scotty’s English accent. 

That they are long friends is of course what saves it from being just a mean spirited mockery, Negreanu and Nguyen go way back, and Daniel’s impressions of Scotty go back pretty much as far. There was even that glorious occasion when D-Negs opted to play a tournament as Scotty Nguyen

Whether or not his profitability went up with that move I’ll leave for you to hash out.

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