Daniel Negreanu Launches Online Poker MasterClass

1 year ago
Daniel Negreanu Launches Online Poker MasterClass
13 Jun

It’s something almost every poker amateur has dreamed of – a step-by-step guide to beating the game by the winningest tournament player of all time, Daniel Negreanu – and it’s available now as the Canadian superstar launches the ‘Daniel Negreanu teaches Poker MasterClass’

Negreanu’s 34-part guide promises to teach players how to increase their win rate, grow their ROI, and get their game “In the Money” and plans to cover tournament, cash and online play through a series of online videos, workbooks and ‘class question’ feedback.

The MasterClass Series sees Negreanu joining the likes of photographer Annie Leibowitz, chef Gordon Ramsay, movie director Aaron Sorkin (of Molly’s Game fame) and a host of other luminaries in their respective fields – with poker fans able to access Negreanu’s content for only $90 per year, or all classes covering pretty much everything for an annual $180.

With early-bird signups getting access to the first seven lessons come the June 19th launch, the 34 lessons cover the entire gamut of poker coaching – from lesson 2: ‘Thinking about Thinking’ in which Negreanu claims it is vital not to let emotion get in the way of logic, through the likes of ‘Table Talk’ with its focus on ‘the steps you can take to protect yourself from prying players'.

‘Universal Tournament Strategy’, ‘Managing and Exploiting Tilt’, and ‘Off-felt Training’ are just a few of the others aspects of the overall poker game Negreanu has decided to share his expertise on, and the early signs are that it’s going to be a bestselling MasterClass series…

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