Daniel Negreanu's Vlog Reaches 200,000 Subscribers on YouTube

1 year ago
Daniel Negreanu's Vlog Reaches 200,000 Subscribers on YouTube
09 Jul

Poker's all-time money winner in live tournaments has achieved another milestone as Daniel Negreanu surpassed 200K subscribers on his YouTube vlog channel.

KidPoker now hosts the most popular poker vlog out there, taking the crown from Doug Polk, who can't seem to decide whether to focus on poker, crypto or comedy. The sometimes amusing and always attention-seeking Polk trails Daniel by about 5,000 subscribers as of this writing.

Since restarting his vlog at this year's WSOP, Negreanu picked up about 16,000 more subscribers who tune in to glean some poker tips and be entertained. Daniel usually doesn't disappoint his followers, as per the comments posted by his many watchers.

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