Poker Vloggers to Watch at 2018 WSOP

4 years ago
Poker Vloggers to Watch at 2018 WSOP
01 Jun

The 49th annual World Series of Poker is here, excitement building with each day as players and fans descend on the Rio to take part in the festival.

Whether you'll be there or choose to follow the action from home, one thing is certain: there will be a number of notable players sharing their WSOP highlights (and lowlights) via YouTube poker vlogs, dishing out content designed to enlighten and entertain. 

While time constraints may make it impossible to watch the WSOP videos of every poker vlogger who plans to impart their knowledge and wisdom on the masses via the YouTube platform, there are some vloggers whose content will likely have a positive effect on your game. Here are a few of those vloggers that we can put in the "can't miss" category:

Daniel Negreanu

The poker vlogs produced by Negreanu are always insightful and informative. He isn't poker's top tournament money winner of all time by accident.

According to an earlier tweet, KidPoker will be vlogging daily during the WSOP, wagering roughly $2 million in entry fees when all is said and done.

NHL action may cut into some of Daniel's WSOP time as his beloved Golden Knights go for Lord Stanley's Cup. But a perusal of the NHL playoff schedule resulted in Negreanu alerting his fans and followers that the number of WSOP tournaments missed will be minimal:

Andrew Neeme

If you Google poker vloggers, you'll likely be linked to Andrew Neeme, who is considered the cream of the crop when it comes to hand breakdowns and producing entertaining videos. His folksy and unassuming style has made Neeme a favorite among poker players and fans who yearn for valuable content.

With a Video Blogger of the Year award under his belt, Andrew continues to reign in followers at his YouTube channel. His subscribers now total just shy of 87,000 as Neeme grinds his way to success at the mid-stakes mostly cash game tables in Las Vegas and beyond.

Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross became a PokerStars Team Pro during the 2017 WSOP and was vlogging during the festival before joining the ranks of the 'Stars roster. He has let it be known that he will produce a WSOP vlog on YouTube again this year, as well as stream action on

In a chat with USPoker, Gross revealed that his WSOP vlogs will contain highlights and hand analyses with other top poker pros. His followers can expect tons of giveaways, and lots of entertainment along the way.

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