Do Online Poker Players Make Good Live Poker Players?

8 months ago
Do Online Poker Players Make Good Live Poker Players?
18 Jun

If you’ve been playing poker online for some time and you’re winning, it is just normal that you might one day decide to visit a land-based casino to try live poker. Perhaps because of the stories you've heard of how people cheer and sing the praises of players in poker rooms, you also want to have a taste of what it feels like. That awesome feeling of walking into a poker room, majestically taking your turn at the table, winning the pot, and getting cheered by every onlooker is surely worth longing and dying for. 

Now that we're done admiring the experience in a live poker room let's answer the question that brought us to this post: do online poker players make good live players?

Yes, they do! In fact, the numbers show that they’re the best kinds of players in most poker rooms. 

Surprised? Don’t be! Here are the factors that contribute to the reason why online poker players make good live players.

Online poker is tougher at comparable stakes

One of the reasons why online poker players make good live players is because online poker is tougher than live poker at comparable stakes.

For example, while you can find weak, recreational players at the NL5 tables online, you'll not find these types of players at the NL200 tables. At such tables, only tough grinders are what you'll find, which means that if you're not good enough, you'll either have to settle for the lowly NL5 tables (where you'll turn little profits) or risk losing money at the higher stakes table.

In live poker, however, you won't find a room offering stakes as low as $5, $20, or $30. If anything, the least stake you'll find in most poker rooms is always NL200.

What this means is that whether you're a pro player, a newbie, or a recreational player, this is the table you'll have to play at.

Now imagine that an online player who's used to playing against tough grinders at higher stake tables goes to a similar stake table in live poker, how do you think they'll fare?

Yeah, you guessed right, they will do awesomely well! 

Online poker moves at a much faster pace

Due to the high tempo, fast-paced nature of online poker, players are required to make fast, one-time decisions, many of which happen in split seconds. Even worse if you're playing at more than one table. 

At a live poker table, however, the pace is very much slower. Too slow if you ask some online players. At these tables, many of the players are busy calling bluffs and calling down bluffs, reading tells and studying their opponents. As a result, players are not in a rush to make their decisions.

Luckily for an online player, this can be a good thing, as you're in a much-relaxed state to make your decisions. In online poker, you're used to a tense, rushy, and high tempo environment. In live poker, however, you're playing in a calmer, relaxed, slow-paced environment, something you lack in online poker.

Can’t study opponents in online poker

When you’re playing on a poker site like Situs Judi Poker QQ Online, you are just one of many other players for your opponent. As such, you’ll hardly get noticed unless you’re making some really big mistakes or giving a particular player a very hard time.

However, it’s completely different in live games.

People spend several hours sitting with the same players, so naturally, they see what you’re doing and try to figure out your strategy – sometimes even subconsciously.

This means that over time you'll get a good grasp of what your opponents' strategies are and can tailor your gameplay to fit that.

For someone who's used to playing against their opponents without having any idea about their playing style and strategies, playing in an environment where this information becomes available is always going to make your job easier. 

More Games/Variety

Online poker has more of everything, including a much larger number of overall cash games and tournaments running throughout the day.

Cash game options include full ring, six-max, and (on some sites) fast-fold poker, while tournaments allow the opportunity to play turbo structures, rebuy/add-on tournaments, in large fields with big guaranteed prize pools, or smaller fields.

By and large, online players are more exposed to a wide variety of options, which helps them hone and sharpen their overall poker skills.

As a result, when they're coming into a live poker room, they come with a variety of skills, many of which they've garnered playing different forms of poker online.

Online poker players are tech-savvy

Another reason why online poker players make good players when they go to a live casino is because they're usually more tech-savvy than the average live poker room guy.

Live players are an older, less tech-savvy crowd. Many of them aren't aware of all the amazing resources available online. Even some of the ones that are aware of things like training sites and tools choose not to use them, either because they don't think it can help them or they just don't have the desire.

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