Donald Trump Campaigner Anna Khait Embroiled in Honeypot Trap Allegations Against FBI

1 year ago
Donald Trump Campaigner Anna Khait Embroiled in Honeypot Trap Allegations Against FBI
17 May

Former poker player, Anna Khait, has become embroiled in accusations that she was part of a honeypot scheme to spy on FBI and government employees...

The incredible allegations were made in a New York Times article last week, claiming that Khait was among several specially-trained operatives working as part of the shadowy Project Veritas.

The pro-Trump group allegedly rented a six-bedroom estate as a base of operations in Washington, the NYT claiming:

“The plan was simple: Use undercover operatives to entrap F.B.I. employees and other government officials who could be publicly exposed as opposing Mr. Trump.”

Though Khait refused to answer questions about her role, other former members allegedly revealed details of the ‘honey trap’ team – a classic ‘Cold War’ sting operation in which a covert agent instigates a sexual relationship to compromise a target.

According to the newspaper account:

“Project Veritas operatives created fake profiles on dating apps to lure the F.B.I. employees... women living at the house had Project Veritas code names, including 'Brazil' and 'Tiger'."
The NYT claims:

“One woman living at the house, Anna Khait, was part of several operations against various targets, including a State Department employee. Project Veritas released a video of the operation in 2018, saying it was the first installment in 'an undercover video investigation series unmasking the deep state'.”
Khait took to Twitter to air her own side of things, invoking that well-worn right-wing Trumpian conspiracy theory trope of ‘fake news’.

Anna Khait is well-known to these pages, having clashed with Daniel Negreanu and others in the poker community over recent years, often due to her myopic support of former President Donald Trump.

A year ago she wrote:

“I used to have such respect for the poker community until I realized how much of a pathetic group of self-righteous, hypocritical, slanderer lefties they are. So easily triggered and hateful. (And most of them are complete losers). Pathetic. Grateful the Lord took me out!”

Irish pro David K. Lappin, however, produced an epic reply...

Her available results from her time as a ‘poker pro’ show only $12,811 in live tournament cashes, although she also claimed to have played online from her home in New Jersey.

Khait was also the first Russian-born contestant on the reality TV show Survivor, though she was unanimously voted out before the end of the 2016 season.

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