Double Murder Suicide at Montana Casino Leaves Three People Dead

3 weeks ago
Double Murder Suicide at Montana Casino Leaves Three People Dead
12 Nov

A Montana casino was the scene of a tragic double murder-suicide at the weekend, a man shooting dead his wife and another man before turning his weapon on himself.

According to police, 56-year-old Bradford Mann shot and killed his 49-year-old wife, Jennifer Mann and 63-year-old Scot Panasuk, before killing himself – all three deaths taking place at the Stateline Casino last Saturday afternoon.

Roosevelt County Sheriff Jason Frederick revealed that deputies responded to a reported shooting at the casino at 5:20pm, discovering the dead bodies of the three people named.

Although no motive has yet been announced, the double killing and subsequent suicide was caught on CCTV at the property, one of several casinos near the Montana-North Dakota border.

Both Stateline and nearby Colby Casino closed after the shootings, the former posting on Facebook:

“Our entire staff is so grateful and overwhelmed with all of the support. Feeling so thankful for a community of caring people and brave first responders!”

Colby also posted on social media, stating:

“We appreciate the outpouring of concern, love, and support. Our staff and customers are all safe and very thankful to the many emergency personal [sic] who responded so quickly.”

Casinos have been the scene of several violent and tragic shootings over the years, the most infamous being the Mandalay Bay slaughter that saw 60 people shot dead.

Stephen Paddock opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, targeting concert goers at the Harvest Music Festival taking place in the grounds below. Paddock took his own life as police closed in on the hotel room he had prepared several days previously for use in the shooting.

Along with the 60 dead, some 411 people were directly injured by the gunfire and several hundred more in the stampede to escape the massacre.

In 2018, Anthony J. Wrobel murdered Mia Banks, the Venetian Casino’s Vice President of Casino Operations, shooting her dead at an employee’s picnic. He also gunned down Hector Rodriguez, Executive Director of table games at the casino, though Rodriguez survived.

Police arrested Wrobel in Texas after what was described as “good, old-fashioned police work,” after the suspect fled the scene and the state via a pre-planned escape route. Wrobel later pled guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum 38 years before being eligible for parole.

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