Doug Polk Annoys Veronica Brill by Mocking the Sports Illustrated Cover Woman

1 month ago
Doug Polk Annoys Veronica Brill by Mocking the Sports Illustrated Cover Woman
21 May

Doug Polk received a lot of outraged tweets after referring to the current Sports Illustrated cover girl as "obese," with a furious Veronica Brill leading the charge.

Polk's fat-shaming remarks could not have come at a worse moment, considering the current public debate about why there are not more women in the game.

Recently, we reported the tale of Natalie Hof Ramos almost being raped at the European Poker Tour in Monte Carlo. Her courageous admissions were followed by a plethora of different horrific stories involving women in poker.

Polk continued with his body-shaming remarks, stating:

If he believed that his tweet would be a passing remark, viewed and forgotten immediately, he was in for a shocker.

Jennifer Shahade, a poker professional and chess prodigy, brought up the current abortion issue in the United States.

"Imagine being a man tweeting about a woman you don't think is hot and trashing her size…when reproductive rights are under threat. What is the connection between these two things? CONTROL."

Polk enraged not just Veronica Brill and women in poker, but even Matt Berkey, who shared several male copies of identical covers, none of which Polk felt fit to bring out as a problem.

However, when he moved the goalposts a little bit, the "Godmother of UK poker," Donna Morton, was there to catch him out.

Polk, who isn't exactly renowned for admitting when he's gone too far, seems set on doubling down. His heinous statements demonstrate that women who do not meet society's conventional beauty standards go through fat-shaming regularly.

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