Doug Polk Can't Beat Online Poker??? Schwartz Calls Him Out!

2 years ago
Doug Polk Can't Beat Online Poker??? Schwartz Calls Him Out!
04 May

It seems that barely a week passes without Doug Polk being involved in some controversy or other, and this week he is the ‘victim’ of a scathing rant from long-time foe Luke _fullflush1_ Schwartz, the Londoner calling Polk “a pigeon”, “a scam” and a few other choice names - before offering to play him in Vegas!

“This guy Doug Polk is a prick!” Schwartz tells PokerNews interviewer Laura Cornelius – a self-confessed “fangirl” of Schwartz who gives full reign to the Englishman’s diatribe – “He does anything to get more attention to his stupid little site.”

The 5-minute ‘interview’ at the PokerStars Championship Main Event in Monte Carlo is the latest blow to land in what has been a long-running feud between the two players, Polk accusing Schwartz of having help from Isildur1 when he lost a heads-up $300/$600 2-7 Triple Draw.

Sometime later Polk got revenge, defeating Schwartz heavily at $400/$800 8-Game, with Schwartz then accusing Polk of having Jake ‘JLlama’ Abdalla ghosting his account during the match-up.

The pettiness continued when Polk framed a chart of Schwartz’s losses, but the controversial Londoner, despite finding it “reasonably funny”, won’t let the feud lie, telling the sycophantic Cornelius:

“Listen, I’ll play him in Vegas. It’s no big deal. I will play you, Doug, it’s not a big deal. I play 8-Game v. anyone. I play people better than me so I’m of course going to play someone worse than me, yeah?”

Polk’s Upswing Poker also bears the brunt of Schwartz’s attack, being called a “scam” on several occasions, with his response to Corenlius stating that  Polk is “very popular though” being, “Yeah, he’s very popular because he sold them the dream and he can’t do that anymore,” says Schwartz.

“There’s no point in paying for his stuff because you know how hard poker is to beat right now. Listen, I’m one of the best poker players in the world. I can tell you it’s hard to beat.”

This statement has already caused some problems for Polk, a 2+2 forum thread being started by a ‘prospective student’ (or troll) named ‘LowStakesGrind’ posting:

“Hi there, I have been a long time grinder of low stakes and also a long time reader of 2+2. I am looking to better my skill set and was contemplating signing up to upswingpoker. However, after watching Luke Schwartz (Pokernews interview) claim that it’s a scam , I’m really concerned.

In the first of several replies, Polk writes:

“Clearly this OP is a troll, but just to respond anyway. Upswing Poker is not a scam. We are a small team of talented coaches, which consists of me, Ryan Fee, Fernando Habegger, and Pratyush Buddiga. Everyone on the team has won millions of dollars, and currently plays mid-high stakes. We offer a variety of courses aimed at anywhere from new/recreational players, to high stakes players as well.”

So, Schwartz being given a free-swing at Polk via PokerNews might not have been the best idea, but there was more to come from the mouthy Englishman.

“So fuck him, he’s all bullshit – the guy’s a phoney… he’s back for SCOOP, big deal, let’s see if he plays anything above his fucking little bankroll challenge $1 up to $100.”

Cornelius does try to counter Schwartz’s all-out-attack on Polk by asking him about his own lack of winning graphs and cashes, but the man has an answer for everything:

“You don’t need to worry about whether I still win, cos as Negreanu says: 'I beast everything'."

Negreanu, of course, is also at loggerheads with Polk on a regular basis, so his latest tweets supporting Schwartz will come as no surprise…

The car-wreck of an ‘interview’ finally comes to an end, but you can be sure that matters won’t end with it. Expect a lengthy and equally vicious (without the bad language of course) Doug Polk retort soon on his vlog!

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