Doyle Brunson Missing WSOP due to Covid Fears

1 year ago
Doyle Brunson Missing WSOP due to Covid Fears
14 Jun

Doyle Brunson has decided to skip this year’s World Series of Poker over concerns that he might catch Covid 19, the coronavirus currently doing the rounds at the 2022 WSOP with Phil Hellmuth among those currently infected...

The 88-year-old, 10-time bracelet winner decided to put family before fun, worried about the health of his wife of six decades, Louise.

Doyle turned up for the 2021 WSOP last October and played the $1k Super Seniors event as well as having a decent run in the Main Event, although a late day 2 exit meant he missed out on the paid spots.

His age and health, however, have led him to limit his poker appearances, and this year’s WSOP will likely not see him at all given the Covid concerns.

The virus is running rife at the Series, with Phil Hellmuth among the first to cry off after catching the potentially deadly virus.

KL Cleeton was another who tested positive this week and will have to sit out until clear...

...although his close friend, and helper at the WSOP, Veronica Brill, has somehow managed to avoid catching it, perhaps due to the “bodymask” approach...

With talk of dealers and other staff being forced to work while sick, and players not self-isolating despite showing symptoms, the upcoming Main Event may well take a huge hit in numbers, or instead become a super-spreader event.

That was also on the mind of some poker players set to make the trip to Vegas, with questions for the WSOP regarding Covid safety measures...

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