Doyle Brunson Takes a Walk Down Vegas’ Memory Lane

1 year ago
Doyle Brunson Takes a Walk Down Vegas’ Memory Lane
12 Dec

A chunk of Las Vegas could have been Doyle Brunson’s if his bet on the Dallas Cowboys had come through decades ago, the Texas poker legend reminiscing about Vegas of old on Twitter!

Doyle’s trawl through his memories was sparked by a black and white photo of the Vegas Strip in 1954, unrecognisable to anyone who has visited the modern gambling Mecca since…

Bugsy Siegel was the main driving force behind the development of the desert into one of the most iconic cities in the world

…Doyle’s tweet also sparking some debate about the date given, many believing the photo must have been taken about a decade later given some of the Vegas landmarks already built or under construction…

Dreaming of the good old days is the preserve of those who have survived them, and despite Doyle being a regular in this century’s Vegas, he would still swap it for a return to the Vegas of the past

…fielding questions about how things were back in the day…

With so few of poker’s old-timers still around, when Doyle Brunson reminisces it’s well worth listening to him – a true poker legend.

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