Drunken Gambler Dumps on Sheldon Adelson Casino Grounds Then Battles Security

1 year ago
Drunken Gambler Dumps on Sheldon Adelson Casino Grounds Then Battles Security
29 Jan

Los Angeles gambler Jin Longzhu made sure to let the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem in Pennsylvania know what he thought of their previous decision to ban him from the Sheldon Adelson-owned property, defecating outside the casino and then fighting with security

The 49-year old was arrested by police after they were called to the scene of the unsavoury drunken defecation, Longzhu already handcuffed by security who claimed he had been violent towards them.

According to police, the belligerent gambler also tried to kick security staff as he was being transferred to police custody. Officers claimed Longzhu smelled of alcohol and had glassy eyes when he was arrested.

Fortunately for fellow casino-goers, the smelly incident took place in shrubbery outside of the casino itself.

The alleged pooper had previously been formally evicted from the casino in March 2018, while court records indicate that he had previously been ‘charged with trespassing four times by Bethlehem police and once by Pennsylvania State Police’.

Longzhu has been charged with ‘misdemeanor counts of defiant trespass and open lewdness and summary counts of public drunkenness and harassment’.

District Judge Vivian Zumas set bail at $5,000 and the defendant was sent to Northampton County Prison to await a preliminary hearing after being unable or unwilling to post the bail amount.

Last month, Cardplayer magazine reported on an assault and arrest at the same Sands Casino property, surveillance footage of 58-year old New York man Jean Bossier appearing to first tickle, then repeatedly punch, a woman sleeping at a resort bus stop.

According to that report, after bystanders had stepped in to help the woman, ‘Bossier then punched several of the good Samaritans before police responded. It apparently took three officers to subdue him’.

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