Ebony Kenney Opts Out Of Woman In Poker Documentary Following PLON Management Rift

1 year ago
Ebony Kenney Opts Out Of Woman In Poker Documentary Following PLON Management Rift
27 Feb

Professional poker player Ebony Kenney was supposed to be part of a documentary on women in poker but opted out once she discovered the involvement of Lena Evans, founder of the Poker League Of Nations (PLON).

The lack of women in poker has been an issue for a long time, creating the need for organizations that promote their inclusion like PLON, however, the group’s founder, Lena Evans, has become controversial in the past month. 

It all began in January when Evans was accused of photoshopping Platinum Pass winner and esteemed poker reporter Aleeyah Jadavji’s image to make her look skinnier while representing PLON.

Jadavji wasn’t upset about the alteration of her image but about Evans’ response when she brought it to her attention, as she explained in an interview with Calvin Ayre’s Lee Davy.

“It was a simple suggestion, and Lena blew up at me... she got defensive, and we started to argue.”

According to Jadavji, many PLON members fear speaking up against Evans and thanked her privately for doing so.

Lena Evans publicly denied altering Jadavji’s image, claiming she merely did some minor lighting and background edits but did not “alter the essence of the woman.”  

Regarding the accusations of her bullying PLON members, she acknowledged that people may find her intimidating but claimed this wasn’t her intention.

“My inner circle has been extremely helpful in guiding me to soften the edges for those who may not understand my fierce passion for our purpose.”

These statements weren’t enough for many in the female poker community, however, including Ebony Kenney. 

According to Kenney, the documentary in question involves Evans helping out with production in some way, driving her to disassociate herself from the project.

It’s unknown the full extent of the backlash against Evans’ management of PLON, however, voices opposing her have become louder and harder to ignore.  

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