Eli Elezra AMA Shut Down as Fellow Pros Claim He Owes Huge Sums of Money

2 years ago
Eli Elezra AMA Shut Down as Fellow Pros Claim He Owes Huge Sums of Money
26 Jan

Poker legend Eli Elezra has been shot down in flames on the 2plus2 forum, an AMA thread intended to promote his book descending into a bitter war of words over unpaid debts the Israeli-born pro is alleged to owe to the likes of Shaun Deeb and Cole South, stretching back to 2010.

The Ask-Me-Anything thread was deleted overnight apparently by 2plus2 owner Mason Malmuth, the publisher of Eli Elezra’s recent autobiography unhappy that Elezra was facing criticism from Cole South among others.

Elezra replied to early criticism on the thread by stating:

“Poker players always lending each other money. I always pay my debts”.

This spurred Cole South into action, revealing that Elezra had borrowed $100,000 from him in 2010 – a chunk of which has not been repaid.

In Elezra’s book, ‘Pulling the Trigger’, the High Stakes Poker regular and 3-time WSOP bracelet winner admits to being horrendous with money, regularly borrowing from his businesses to fund his high-stakes poker lifestyle.

Elezra’s self-confessed inability to manage his bankroll, which he admits caused many problems with his business partner, appears to be behind the numerous claims of him being a bad debtor to fellow pros.

Doug Polk picked up on the AMA disaster and contacted Shaun Deeb, another of those alleged to be owed large sums by Elezra.

Polk stated:

“I reached out to Shaun Deeb and asked him what was going on between Eli and him. And he said that payments have been irregular and he has not been fully paid. So, certainly some stuff to dissect here.”

With Elzera leaving the AMA thread, and Malmuth shutting it down in typical fashion as he does with any post or thread he doesn’t like, or even person who disagrees with him as your writer found out last year, it has been left to others in the poker community to get to the bottom of just how much, and to whom, Elezra owes large sums of money.

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