Epic Documentary Starring Poker Legend Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom

3 years ago
Epic Documentary Starring Poker Legend Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom
16 Mar

High-stakes PLO crusher JNandez has produced a short documentary on the most exciting poker player on the planet: Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom!

Unlike Any Other

Viktor Blom has a unique status amongst even the very best players in the high-stakes community. His ability to seemingly not care either way when he is winning and losing millions of dollars in a single day is absolutely incredible.

After taking up the game in 2005, the then 15-year-old started with tournament poker until he had a bankroll enabling him to crush $500 buy-in events online. With his hyper-aggressive style, he was able to put pressure on his nervous opponents while remaining totally fearless himself.

Before long, and while still a high-school student, Blom had built up a $275,000 bankroll, but then managed to lose every cent in just a single night. This led to a short break until he was ready to make a return, only this time he was focussing his efforts on the heads-up arena – $200NL in particular.

Ready to Take on Anyone!

In 2009 we saw for the first time the iconic username “Isildur1” on the Full Tilt Poker Server. Before long, Blom was now ready to start challenging the best poker had to offer, and what a treat we were in for.

Almost right off the bat, we saw a $1 million downswing as Blom battled with up to four different opponents at once. It didn’t matter though, because in one six-week period he ran his bankroll up to more than $6 million in profit!

But what goes up must come down. Patrik Antonius wanted a rematch, this time playing PLO, and he took Blom for $3 million. The biggest ever losing day in online poker history, at that time.

Brian Hastings was next to dish out some punishment, after sharing data with his fellow players to find an edge. This time Blom was taken for $4.2 million in a single five-hour session. A record that stands until today.


After all this, it didn’t take long for the teenager to rebuild his roll and reclaim his spot amongst the best players around.

Viktor Blom is still only 27-years-old and will probably for many years be the most exciting player the game has. Long may his success continue.

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