Erik Seidel Accused of Bad Sportsmanship in WSOP HU Championship

1 year ago
Erik Seidel Accused of Bad Sportsmanship in WSOP HU Championship
10 Aug

If there is one name you don’t expect to see connected to accusations of bad sportsmanship it’s that of Erik Seidel, but this week the legendary New Yorker inadvertently stepped into the Twitter poker firing line

Round two of the $10k buy-in WSOP Heads Up Championship saw 60-year old Seidel facing German football star, Max Kruse.

Unfortunately for the 32-year old Union Berlin striker, the last 64 match-up started without him, whether a connection issue or other reason remaining unclear.

Seidel, however, didn’t hanging around waiting, and blinded half his his opponent’s stack out in double-quick fashion – and raising a lot of eyebrows in the process.

Tardif explained:

“He [Seidel] turbo clicked the raise button for 12 minutes before break hit, fortunately break saved Max. He still lost 45-50% of his stack."

Not everyone agreed on what Seidel should have done, Tardif stating:

Is what he's doing illegal? nope. Doesn't change it being a cunty thing to do. Conor_1 waiting for his opponent to show up on the exact same round. We're playing a game and there's sportsmanship. He's also playing a recreational, Doesn't have to fight tooth and nail for his EV.”

Patrick Leonard was of the opinion that Seidel, or anyone else in that position, should “Fold every hand ainec.”

Leonard explained:

“The argument that you get freerolled is nonsense. It happens 1 in 100x and 90% of HS people would sit out. Do you lose ev 1-1000 times? So it's -$10 in immediate ev to sit out. In future others fuck you over/don't give you benefit of doubt.”

The discussion went on, but it wasn’t until Seidel joined in that we got his side of events and reason for doing what he did…

Scottish pro Ludovic Geilich wasn’t impressed by that argument, commenting:

“Kinda feels like a freeroll carry on and if it gets mentioned you offer buy in back”.

That, however, prompted a heated reply from Olivier Busquet:

“Are you kidding me? You think Erik is lying about his intentions? Because why? Because he cares so much about the opinions of the fucking poker peanut gallery? The real problem with this entire thread was not tagging Erik originally and simply asking him what the deal was."

Seidel has always been considered one of the gentlemen of the game, avoiding the kind of scandals and public battles that other elite players have often been involved in. To that end he tweeted…

Seidel won the match against Kruse but fell short of the money, losing to Michael Zhang in the round of 32. Zhang made it to the final four, alongside Michael Addamo, David Peters and the surprise package, streamer Alyssa MacDonald.

And for those who haven’t heard of Max Kruse, he first came to the attention of the wider poker public after he left €75,000 tournament winnings in a taxi.

That costly gaffe became more expensive when he was fined €25,000 by his club for the incident following the WSOP Europe in Berlin.

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