Erik Seidel’s Elvis Impersonation

1 year ago
Erik Seidel’s Elvis Impersonation
30 May

Some people will go to any length to attend their favourite sporting event and for Erik Seidel it mean dressing up as Elvis Presley in order to bag some tickets to the Stanley Cup ice hockey finals!

The 8-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner was expected to run deep in the Super High Roller Bowl – Seidel the only man to cash twice in the three years of the event - but an early exit in Vegas had him looking elsewhere for something to do, hence…

With tickets often as rare as pixie-dust, the 58-year old New Yorker was given a golden chance, but there was a catch

…but there was nothing going to stop Erik from watching the big match in person…

…and he wasn’t alone in turning out in full Elvis jumpsuit attire, although at least one person didn’t get the memo…

Of course Erik Seidel isn’t the first poker player to dress up as someone else, Phil Hellmuth being seen in various guises over the years, in 2008 in military uniform

…in 2009 as Caesar

…and in 2010 as a boxer!

Although Daniel Negreanu went a step further back in 2009, turning up for his heads-up match against Scotty Nguyen dressed as… Scotty Nguyen!

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