Fedor Holz is Unstoppable

4 years ago
Fedor Holz Tripled His Personal Fortune
09 Jun

He has just tripled his personal fortune in one week, leapfrogged to the top of the all-time German money winners list, and he’s ready to take on all-comers at the World Series on his relentless march to the top of poker’s big-time – he is… Fedor Holz!

The 22-year old sensation from Saarbrucken is on such a roll that his humorous tweet from a few days ago is probably worthy of a news story in itself.

“Are you okay? Do you need staking now? Do you need a hug?” replied last year’s European Poker Media Person of the Year winner, Remko Rinkema. “Keep your head up, we all get in a rut from time to time!” joked Dylan Horton, while CquO added what most of us might write: “Finally, I have something in common with Fedor Holz”.

The reason for the hilarity is obvious to anyone who has followed the biggest poker tournaments recently. Holz not only scooped $3.5million at last week’s $300k buy-in Super High Roller Bowl –losing out only to close friend, Rainer Kempe, in the heads-up finale– but he then went on to take down the Aria $50K for $629,000 – that’s over $4million in just a few days!

Holz tweeted on his CrownUpGuy Twitter account, taking his tournament earnings to-date up to an impressive $12,395,038 and 19th spot in the all-time money-winners list:

Impressive might not be a good enough word given that he won’t turn 22 until the end of next month, and given that he has been staking other high-roller pros for a couple of years now, including Kempe who bested him last week.

That was his unusually expressive Tweet after the event which had seen 49 of the world’s best and richest players vying for a $15million prize-fund.

Holz’s play and demeanour throughout the SHRB had been one of thoughtful and skilful play combined with the occasional smile and comment, as when he replied to Phil Hellmuth's ‘rampaging’ remarks with the classic line, “You’re like an aggressive Bob Ross,” which, for once, left big Phil speechless!

It’s not only the bricks-and-mortars guys who have to watch out for Holz, though, as his online play has been almost equally impressive. When he won the World Cup of Online Poker (WCOOP) Main Event 2 years ago for a $1.3million payday, it was merely confirmation of what anyone in the know already knew! Holz was the real deal!

This year alone has seen him play in the Philippines WPT National, the PCA on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, the Aussie Millions in Melbourne, Monte Carlo for the EPT, and for now back in Vegas for the massive summer events and the WSOP.

Until last week’s Super High Roller Bowl, his biggest cash to date had been in the Philippines, taking down the $200K Triton SuperHighRoller event which was worth $3,463,500! So the $4million+ from last week’s adventures isn’t an unusual number for the young German.

And what’s up next for the remarkable youngster with the terrible taste in shirts (“He’s wearing his ‘I don’t give a fuck’ shirt,’ was one of the more polite comments aimed at him last week in the dress-sense category!)?

Well, if he doesn’t take down at least one bracelet at the WSOP I will be very surprised, but for anyone out there who wants to know the secret to his success, they’ll have to wait until September…

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