Fedor Kruse Accused of Cheating with RTA

4 weeks ago
Fedor Kruse Accused of Cheating with RTA
22 Sep

There is nothing new about sport pros having a tendency to play fast and loose with the rules when they can to get the slightest advantage. But at the same time, every sport has certain areas where you just don’t go. Poker is no different to football or golf in that respect, and one of those golden rules that is absolutely sacrosanct is that you don’t use real time assistance from an online solver. 

Fedor Kruse is a rising star in the poker world, but there is something not quite right about the speed of the young German’s ascension. He has found himself in a whole lot of hot water among fans, followers and competitors this week, having been accused of breaking the golden rule of RTA. According to witnesses, he has used an online solver on multiple occasions to beat the odds and make the mathematically optimal decisions in some of the highest stakes games in cyberspace. The story broke just as another cheating scandal drew to a conclusion, and creates yet another headache for the online poker community. 

The pictures tell the story

It is a compelling story, and one that is given credence by multiple witnesses who claim to have firm evidence. Kruse allegedly used the assistance and hardware of his roommates to circumvent the mouse tracking software designed to pick up this sort of activity. The problem for Kruse was that those same roommates had a crisis of conscience and decided to report him.

The individuals, named only ‘Manuel’ and ‘Niklas’ provided PokerStars and GGPoker with photographs and screenshots. These included a photograph, allegedly of Kruse’s setup, showing three machines clustered together. Two had active game windows open while a third was clearly running a poker solver. There were also screenshots of potentially damning WhatsApp remarks from Kruse. 

The dream machine

Kruse makes several references to something called a “dream machine” and when you put the messages together, there can be little doubt as to what he was doing. 

“Was gambled with solver anyway” 

This came after winning seemingly against the odds, calling down with two pair of a four-flush board, after an unknown correspondent asked how he did it.

“I’ll be destroyed by the regulars if I don’t use the dream machine”

This to roommate Manuel on Discord.

“Will play without machine. I won’t be using any solvers, I promise”

This last was a message to his roommates in connection with playing some $1 hands just for fun. 

Higher stakes lead to bigger risks

Even without the direct intervention of his roommates, Kruse was beginning to attract attention through the sheer speed of his rise up the stakes. He went from $100 games to $10,000 buy-ins in a matter of months. The fact that he was able to do so, of course, says as much about the current state of pro poker as it does about the player himself. 

He was only able to access these kinds of games thanks to GGPoker being licensed in Curacao. It would be completely impossible in Kruse’s native Germany, where a new national licensing body will soon come into force with very strict limits and regulations. There is a feeling, however, that this is using a sledgehammer to break a walnut. 

For sure, it will put the brakes on this type of unethical behaviour for super-high stakes. But it will constrain every player in the same way. It’s hugely restrictive for the hundreds of talented and completely ethical players in Germany. It also represents bad news for German iGaming brands like CasinoBlox.com and many others, whose whole objective is to connect players with a wide range of gaming options to meet every skill level and budget.   

Kruse has nothing to say

Kruse has now found himself in a difficult position. Not only have his former accomplices come clean, admitting their wrongdoing, they have also evicted him from their shared apartment. Kruse himself has yet to comment on the allegations, and the only response of any sort has been a series of Tweets from PartyPoker ambassador Patrick Leonard

“I’ve spoken to Fedor 3x about this and he has his side and will reply.”
“I’m not on any side… He’s been very willing to cooperate and not hostile at all. That said, the evidence is quite strong.”

There is clearly more to unfold in this story, but the certainty is that the longer Kruse maintains his silence, the blacker things look for his reputation and his future on the pro poker circuit.

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