Fernando ‘JNandez’ Habegger Buries Doug Polk after $150k Lawsuit Win

3 weeks ago
Fernando ‘JNandez’ Habegger Buries Doug Polk after $150k Lawsuit Win
05 May

Quickly overshadowed by this week’s events, Doug Polk was recently called out for setting the legal dogs loose against Fernando ‘JNandez87’ Habegger - even after Polk’s company lost a lawsuit against the popular PLO coach and pro that cost them $150,000!

Habegger’s response was an incredible meme, worthy of Polk and his video hitman, Thomas “SrslySirius” Keeling, at his very best...

Habegger, better known by his online moniker JNandez, was warned to keep schtum by Polk’s lawyers following the recent revelations that he’d won $150k in damages and legal costs from Upswing Poker.

However, the Swiss pro was never going to be silenced while Polk still himself kept hammering away on social media at what increasingly looked like a lost cause.

Nandez revealed everything in a lengthy series of tweets late last month...

...and continued in similar vein despite Polk’s legal team seeking to tie him up in legal tape.

Habegger tweeted:

“Doug, Upswing’s failure to pay me what was owed and instead withhold it, was an explicit breach of the agreement. It doesn't matter that you withheld it because you falsely believed I had been in breach of the contract. The fact that Upswing withheld it was you breaching the agreement @DougPolkVids or is there another reason for my "contract counterclaim being granted" and awarded contract damages?”
Strangely, or not, Polk had been remarkably quiet about the entire affair recently, until another pro on his long list of enemies, Charlie Carrel, piped up...

That brought the Nandez-Polk feud back into focus, reminding the poker community of the original beef, which centred around Habegger leaving Polk’s Upswing Poker.

A contractual ‘loophole’ in Polk’s opinion, or simple ‘clause’ as Habegger correctly calls it, allowed the PLO coach to leave within 90 days. He did this, unhappy at the revenue and lack of a promised affiliate designation.

Polk, irate at Habegger’s departure, launched a very public smear campaign against him, including the infamous ‘stealing money from an old lady’ claim.

Feud turned to legal wrangles then a full-blown lawsuit, Polk and his Upswing Poker company claiming Habegger had breached various obligations, while Habegger countersued for defamation and contractual damages.

That lawsuit ended mostly successfully for the man behind the ‘JNandez’ poker brand. His defamation suit was denied, but he won all the other elements.

Contract damages of $17,000, attorney’s fees of more than $110k, and $12k in litigation costs were awarded to Habegger,

Meanwhile, Polk was embroiled in yet another debacle, having to apologise to Charlie Carrel after an ill-advised argument after the Englishman’s revealed he was a child victim of a paedophile.

You can read the full story on that situation here.

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