Finnish Teenager Who Stole €150k From Maltese Online Casino Sentenced

9 months ago
Finnish Teenager Who Stole €150k From Maltese Online Casino Sentenced
11 Sep

A Finnish teen who stole more than €150,000 from a Maltese online casino after discovering a glitch in their software has been handed a 20-month suspended sentence for his crime, his parents also given suspended sentences for their part in the huge fraud

The family, from the small town of Forssa in southern Finland, can’t be named because the son was only 16 when he carried out the tech fraud in 2016 and 2017. They had been charged with a variety of offences – aggravated fraud and money laundering chief among them – and will now have to repay more than €150k, as well as forfeit a motorcycle which the mother bought with the proceeds of the crime.

Finnish news agencies first reported the case back in August, YLE explaining how the teen, now 18, discovered “he was able to cancel other customers' pending withdrawal requests and at the same time have the money transferred to an online wallet rather than the customers' designated bank accounts”.

The youngster reportedly made a total of 147 withdrawal requests in just one month after finding the software glitch, but will now have to repay €132,000 he stole, plus €3,000 towards the casino’s legal fees.

His father was given a 5-month suspended sentence for his part in the crime, accused of taking €14,500 which had been transferred to his account, which he will now have to repay.

The mother, given a 60-day suspended sentence, has been ordered to repay €2,300 and forfeit a motorbike which she is alleged to have bought with the ill-gotten gains.

Prosecutors had been pushing for a jail sentence for the youth, despite his age when the crime was committed, but the Central Häme District Court decided to show leniency with its decision last week.

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