Fisticuffs Erupt Over Zohair Karim’s Scamming?

3 years ago
22 Aug

Word on the street (or at least the 2+2 poker NVG forum) is that the recent Zohair Karim scamming scandal resulted in a bit of ‘parking-lot dancing’ between two well-known pros, Nick Palma and Aaron Massey settling their argument the old fashioned way and apparently resulting in 24 hour casino bans for the pair.

Forumite ‘graydot’ posted on the thread ‘Zohair Karim Ponzi?’:

"Supposedly a fight broke out outside of Parx yesterday during the $1500 event regarding this matter. Both players were banned for 24hours and kicked out of the casino."

This was soon followed by another regular poster, ‘EastCoastBalla’ filling in the hearsay with some of his own:

"I was at Foxwoods today and from what I've heard from somebody that was there at Parx, Nick Palma was talking **** to Aaron Massey about Zo. Basically calling Massey out for knowing about how much of a scumbag Zo is but not telling anybody and letting Zo scam people."

‘Balla’ is referring to last month’s big story which saw a furious Poker Night in America’s Matt Glantz taking to Twitter to vent his spleen after it emerged that Karim had oversold his WSOP action, subsequently unable to pay off his backers when he ‘accidentally’ cashed for over $40,000 when he finished 237th in the Main Event.

According to EastCoastBall’s‘ source:

"Massey got pissed and during a break in the tournament, both of them went out in the parking lot and fought. Lasted a few minutes until security broke it up. Then they were both banned for 24 hours and escorted off the property and their money was not refunded. Both lost $1600 each. I think that was the buy in."

The Parx Casino, which bills itself as the ‘biggest casino in Pennsylvania’, is currently hosting the Big Staxx XXII tournament, but have yet to comment on the claims, and neither Massey nor Palma have gone public on the alleged fistfight.

‘Balla’ gave his reasons for why Palma was in the right if he did indeed publicly confront Massey over his knowledge of Karim’s actions.

“In my opinion Massey should be called out. Allowed that Zo scumbag to go around scamming poker players for pretty big money.”

Last month Glantz’s very public and vocal condemnation of Karim’s actions took a similar view…

…so what might seem like a fairly normal argument gone a bit too far, actually has a very important point behind it: outing scammers is necessary to ensure they find it more difficult to take advantage of others.

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