Four Dead and Several Injured in Brooklyn Gambling Den Shooting

7 months ago
Four Dead and Several Injured in Brooklyn Gambling Den Shooting
17 Oct

Four people were shot dead and three others were injured after gunfire broke out in an illegal gambling den in Brooklyn on Saturday…

Chester Goode, 37, Terrence Bishop, 36, and John Thomas, 32 were all pronounced dead at the scene, Goode believed to have started the deadly mayhem by shooting into the ceiling.

A fourth person, 47-year old Dominick Winbush, believed to be acting as security for the small, unlicensed gambling house was also killed in the resulting shootout.

The building’s owner, Samuel “Sammy” Revells, revealed:

“The cops told me they died with their guns in their hands”.

The Triple A Aces catering hall on Utica Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn was supposed to be only hired out for family functions and funerals, but was instead being operated as a small casino.

A poker table and cee-loo table took up a chunk of the 12-by-50-foot club space, Goode and his two companions playing the dice game when the violence erupted.

“The three guys had been playing for more than an hour, and they were losing money,” a police source told the Post, adding: “There was some big money there, even though it was a crime scene, there were some hundred-dollar bills still lying on the floor.”

The three injured included 35-year old Jachiyah Holder, a state correction officer who was shot once in the leg.

All three were rushed to hospital but their injuries are not considered life-threatening. It was reported than an eight person was treated for a broken leg sustained during the carnage.

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