From Poker to Slots: Which Game Suits Your Personality Best?

7 months ago
From Poker to Slots: Which Game Suits Your Personality Best?
26 Aug

With major poker tournaments lasting anywhere between two to five days, but a game of slots lasting as little as a minute, each type of casino game has a unique personality. Some are slow and contemplative, others fast and peppy. Naturally, therefore, your favourite game probably shares a few characteristics with you! But which games match each personality? Keep on reading to find out…

The Cool and Calm One - Poker

As evidenced by the popular saying (and even more popular Lady Gaga song), those who play poker are cool, collected and great at hiding their expressions. This means that the natural poker player of the group is the most logical and analytical one. Poker is certainly no game for the over-emotional or the quick to lose interest, rather it needs someone who can put their emotions to the side during times of randomness and stress, choosing only the most strategic next move. Therefore, if you’re the friend that stays calm when there’s an emergency and who always has an idea of how to fix it, poker might be your game.

The Adrenaline Junkie - Slots

If you are, however, the notorious adrenaline junkie of your friendship group, something a little more fast-paced might suit you. Bungee jumping, ziplining, skydiving. You love all these, but have you tried your hand at slot games? Because they may well be your perfect fit. Fast-paced, often brightly coloured and full of adrenaline-packed quick rewards, slot games are a wonderfully more-ish pastime for you adrenaline junkies. Like most casino games, it’s also one that you can easily play online with the likes of Buzz Bingo who put up new slot games every single day, alongside having an absolute emporium of classic slots to peruse.

The Socialite - Bingo

Of course, bingo can be enjoyed as a solitary activity, but it is also regarded as a communal game that can be shared online or in brick-and-mortar establishments, too. Each person plays for themselves, but the overall atmosphere of a game that can be enjoyed alongside others is wholesome and rewarding for some.

Take, for example, the function to use a live chatroom in order to engage with other bingo players while immersed within an online bingo game. This allows players to exchange messages whilst ticking off numbers from their cards. With bingo now becoming increasingly popular in a wide variety of social settings, often taking place in trendy bars alongside cheesy karaoke nights, there’s even more opportunity to meet people while playing.

The Nostalgic - Blackjack

And last but not least, for the nostalgic folks out there. This is the game for those of you who have always kept a diary, who save the film tickets from cinema dates and who fill their homes up with old photos. Blackjack may well be your game. Practically unchanged from its first inception in the 1700s, there’s something familiar and nostalgic about playing this simple game that’s been enjoyed by many for hundreds of years. One of the easiest card games to learn, blackjack is simple and can, like most of these games, be enjoyed online or in person. It’s definitely worth giving this traditional game a go!

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