Game of Gold a Big Hit with Poker Fans

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Game of Gold
21 Nov

GGPoker’s new poker reality show Game of Gold is turning out to be a huge hit with the fans. The creative minds from the thriving online poker platform and Poker after Dark have come up with something special that looks to be exceeding all expectations.

A blend of the modern obsession with reality TV combined with poker in a Big Brother environment. Only this is no popularity contest: you must perform at the felt or you’re out!

We’re already four episodes in and new shows are released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Sixteen players are competing across twelve episodes in an interesting mix of different poker formats and variants.

Players accumulate gold coins and work towards the final episode where those who have avoided expulsion from the show will swap those coins for big blinds and play a normal tournament for a prize of $456,000.

Team Hearts

  • David Williams
  • Andy Stacks
  • Lukas Robinson
  • Olga Iermolcheva

Team Spades

Team Clubs

Team Diamonds

Top Twitch streamer Kevin Martin is one poker player who has actual experience of appearing in a reality TV show after taking part in Big Brother in Canada.

Even so, he admitted that he was “super nervous” and thinks the other players smelt blood and came after him in the first episode.

High stakes player and Dusk Till Dawn poker club owner Rob Yong was pleasantly surprised with how the show turned out after not having a clue what to expect.

“I didn’t have a clue what to expect here having watched & played on Poker After Dark - but this E1 Game of Gold @GGPoker was great, I know most of the people well, so weird watching them put into this Big Brother style format. KTF Rob”

Phil Galfond even called for less poker and more personality in future episodes, calling it a great chance for us to get to know the player behind the chips.

He also brought up how good it is for players to be paid for playing rather than paying themselves. A great advert for what is possible in the poker industry.

“There are lots of ways I could see shows like this working. Props to them for finally trying one and putting their money behind it. I’m sure we’ll see improvements and other iterations if it’s successful.”

But, of course, with this being poker, not everyone was satisfied. One Twitter poster called it “slow and boring” and criticised the pace of only one elimination per episode.

Another took aim at the fact the players were being paid to take part, calling it “horse****, make believe, exhibition poker…”

Well, you can’t please everyone but GGPoker and the Poker After Dark team look to have satisfied the vast majority.

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