Game of Thrones And The Worst Played Hand In History

1 year ago
Game of Thrones And The Worst Played Hand In History
09 May

The poker pro community on Twitter have been up in arms about the latest Game of Thrones episode – a now weekly talking point for the likes of Patrick Leonard, Jamie Kerstetter and Dylan Linde among others…

This week’s offering actually resembles a badly-played poker hand, but for those who haven’t been keeping up to date with the Seven Kingdoms saga, we should quickly recap the previous episode, which saw the heroes bust one of the table’s villains – the Night King – with a ridiculous one-outer on the river…

partypoker’s Leonard wasn’t too impressed however, a detailed picking apart of the previous episode resembling a particularly harsh hand history lesson

This week saw more of the same, the surviving ragtag northern army looking a bit 7-2 offsuit after their epic victory, but somehow hitting the flop hard when two of their dragons survived, and most of the big names with them.

Playing the hand without a decent plan, however, was never going to be a good idea and when their enemies set a trap, the turn was a brutal shock, their top pair (of Dragons) counterfeited…although the rail seemed to find it amusing!

…and the river a devastating blow to the hopes of winning two massive all-ins in a row

Of course, as Leonard pointed out, you need to get full value from your opportunities – and the villains failed abysmally to push home their new advantage

...which means we’ll all be back again next week to see what should be the deciding heads-up match, although for some the horrendous standard of play recently doesn’t bode well for either side!

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