Global Poker Adds WorldPay to US Online Poker Players Baskets

2 years ago
Global Poker Adds WorldPay to US Online Poker Players Baskets
02 Jun

The leading online site for US poker players, Global Poker, has just announced a new payment provider to help deal with its growing success, answering their customers’ requests for more and varied payment options according to their Founder and CEO, Laurence Escalante.

On the back of the hugely impressive Rattlesnake Open series last month, Escalante explained:

“One thing our customers have made clear to us is that they would like more choice when it comes to payment methods,” adding that, “Worldpay’s extensive network and vast expertise allow us to give our players this choice.”

It is yet another feather in the cap for VGW (the company behind Global Poker) succeeding where many others have failed thanks to a unique and very clever system whereby players buy in-game tokens known as Gold Coins which are then swapped for $weeps Cash for free.

The $weeps Cash have been cashed out until now by PayPal, but the addition of Worldpay is a significant improvement - the world's largest payment platform being listed on the London Stock Exchange earlier this year and processing more than 40 billion transactions annually, utilizing more than 300 different payment types.

Escalante explained:

“With Worldpay we have the ability to offer a range of payment solutions to our customers including credit card payments, as well as e-wallet and mobile options. This means our customers can interact with us in whatever way is most convenient to them.”

For those who haven’t experienced the Global Poker phenomenon, their recent Rattlesnake Open series was the third in an impressive array of multi-tournament events, last year’s $1.25million Eagle Cup and this January’s $1.5million Grizzly Games building a large and very solid player-base among US online poker fans.

A bonus which Global Poker see as marketing their poker community-aligned goals sees the respective leaderboard winners from each series winning a package into the live event of their choice – a two from two strike-rate so far with their champions cashing, and Rattlesnake Open overall champion ‘BUYMEDINNER’ looking to make it a hatrick of successes in the live arena.

As for their Worldpay announcement this week, Global Poker expects to roll out the new payment option shortly.

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