Global Poker Tournament of Champions Winner KanyeTrump2020 Reveals His Winning Strategy

1 year ago
Global Poker Tournament of Champions Winner KanyeTrump2020 Reveals His Winning Strategy
12 Jun

KanyeTrump2020 may be coming to a casino near you soon, but don’t worry, it’s not a political campaign – rather the Global Poker Tournament of Champions winner, looking at spending his $5000 live tournament package prize!

The huge Rattlesnake Open II ToC victory for Fernando ‘KanyeTrump2020’ Guerra last weekend was a result of some very impressive play, a touch of luck and sheer determination that had seen him play and cash in a host of events on the US-facing site.

The Texan online grinder explained:

“It was a fun tournament. I've been playing a lot of tournaments, trying to win one of those trophies, or at least place in the top two. I set out on a goal to do that and sure enough I won the SC$4,500 Guaranteed. The Tournament of Champions came by and I won that too. I feel super blessed and lucky!”

Of the grand finale Tournament of Champions itself, which lasted over four hours, Guerra stated:

“I was on fire the whole tournament; I did get lucky in a lot of spots. I threw in some skill, but you can’t win without luck too”.

Going into some detail on his epic win, the new Global Poker champ enthusiastically explained:

“The Tournament of Champions seemed surreal; I couldn’t believe it when it happened. I was getting amped up, psyched about it and very excited." He added: “My strategy was to build up a huge stack lead straight off the bat in order to have a chance, and you have to play aggressive and a little loose (maybe a lot loose!) make a run for first place as much as you can. It worked. Sometimes you have to loosen up a little and play as well as you can with the cards you’re dealt.”

 Guerra fought off the heads-up challenge of fellow Texan Logan08 to secure the victory, and with it the $5000 live tournament package, an amazing opportunity to represent Global Poker in a live poker tournament of his choice, the prize including travel and accommodation expenses.

Previous Tournament of Champions winners have gone on to play and cash in some of the biggest tournaments and locations in the poker world, and with the WSOP in Vegas right now it could be that Fernando joins the legends of the game via his prize package.

In a twist to his online poker beginnings, however, there was almost no KanyeTrump2020 account at all, Fernando revealing:

“I kept on seeing Facebook ads and I was a little confused because there was a local poker club here in town with a similar logo and name, so was thinking, ‘No, I don’t want to go to a bar tonight’."

As soon as he realised that Global Poker was in fact the fastest-growing online site serving the USA he said:

“Oh wow, I need to check this out. I went to the website, I created my account and screen name, made a purchase and checked it out,” says Fernando – and the rest is now Global Poker history.

He was hooked from the first moment, stating:

“I just love Global Poker. It’s the only place I play right now. Yes, I live in Texas and I have a couple of other options, but I choose Global Poker because so far my experience has been great and the customer service is literally the best I’ve ever seen".

He adds, just to make it clear:

“I should point out that I am in no way affiliated with Global Poker. I’m getting paid through my win, but I have no affiliation with Global Poker other than my willingness to spend my own money on their site”.

When Fernando dons the Global Poker colours and attempts to turn his big win into an even bigger prize, we’ll be sure to let you know. For now, it’s congratulations and good luck to the new champ!

If you want to follow in Fernando’s footsteps, Global Poker is dedicated to giving online social poker players the best experience possible, across a range of poker variants. 

With promotions, tournaments, Championships and special offers, there are stacks of reasons to visit and get playing now.

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