Gus Hansen Posts Alcohol & Sex Party Pics On IG!

8 months ago
Gus Hansen Posts Alcohol & Sex Party Pics On IG!
15 May

Gus Hansen has never heard the advice about keeping off social media when under the influence. Of late his Instagram has made the move from being all about the poker to all about the party

This weekend he seems to be taking it to another level with his recipe for a white Russian which doesn’t stop at milk, Kahlua and vodka, but also includes his two lovely assistants

Not that he stops at two assistants, as they seem to proliferate over the evening’s festivities which he drip feeds us on Instagram without much context. Where is the live tweet to go with the pics, Gus?

The next few posts are mostly just Gus Hansen getting handsy with his apparently proliferating female companions until they turn the tables on him.

Following up is a whole lot of motorboating (along with a nipple slip one would hate for him to be banned from Instagram for), and if you were concerned about the sexual politics of Hansen’s roving hands, he gets plenty objectified himself at the end with his own nipples making a showing during an elaborate stripper act.

That deafening sound was Gus Hansen’s teenage self high fiving his current self. Keep living life, Gus. You only get one.

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