Gus Hansen Wins Court Case & Settlement But Wants More!

3 years ago
Gus Hansen Wins Court Case & Settlement But Wants More!
29 Mar

High-stakes reg Gus Hansen has taken to Instagram to blast a court verdict that actually went in his favour. The Great Dane growled that he would see his foe in a higher court, but which higher court exactly did he mean?

The Verdict Is In

In January 2018, the well-liked Gus Hansen explained to his fans how he had been turned over by one of his old friends regarding a business deal that had turned sour. The fan’s favourite wasn’t happy with his buddy for transferring out some of the money as a living wage he felt he deserved, and so off they went to court.

Now, two months later, Hansen has informed his followers that the judge saw things his way, but ultimately decided to award a much smaller settlement than he had hoped for.

See You in a Higher Court

The day after the verdict came in Hansen was posting videos sat in the luxurious surroundings of Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas. Could he have also been referring to this being the ultimate court of poker opinion?


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Bobby’s Room has long attracted the very best players around from all generations past and present. Over a three-day period, Hansen posted videos of himself playing short-handed with none other than the “grandmaster”, as he called him; Doyle Brunson. If anybody is qualified to preside as judge over the highest court in poker it’s the Texan.

Goodbye Vegas - for now!

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At the end he signed off with a farewell to his playing partners with a “see you in the summer”. We can take this as read that Hansen will be returning to the World Series of Poker this year. Maybe then we can give him our own verdict on how well his return to high-level tournament action is going.

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