Gus Hansen Battles Doyle Brunson and Jungleman in Bobby’s Room Nosebleed Game

3 years ago
Gus Hansen Battles Doyle Brunson and Jungleman in Bobby’s Room Nosebleed Game
12 Mar

Three of the biggest names in poker past and present locked horns this past week in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio in Vegas – Gus Hansen, Doyle Brunson and Daniel ‘jungleman’ Cates battling it out in a high-stakes $1500/3000 cash game.

The modern-day game may well have new heroes, but there is something incredibly exciting about watching the likes of the 82-year old ‘grandaddy’ of the game Brunson involved in massive pots with those who followed in his footsteps, Doyle showing no signs of age withering his skills…

The Great Dane Gus Hansen has been popping in and out of the poker headlines this past year, but a full-scale comeback seems ever more likely with his appearance last week on Poker After Dark followed by his late-night adventures at the most famous cardroom in the world…

Daniel Cates, the globe-trotting nosebleed-stakes beast whose ‘Jungleman’ nickname strikes fear into the best players both live and online, would have had no problems getting paid – something which was on his mind just a couple of months ago when he tweeted…

Inside Bobby’s Room with Gus

We don’t often get to see much of the action from Bobby’s Room, the private game’s big winners and losers usually a well-kept secret, but Gus managed to sneak a few short videos out, the $1500/3000 game showing that the stakes…and opposition…were no joking matter, even if Gus himself seems to be in a much happier place nowadays…

Waiting for a seat in the Big Game

Even the very biggest names sometimes have to wait their turn to get in on the action, as Gus found when he turned up a little late for the action, but it didn’t take long for the Great Dane to take his place among his fellow superstars of poker.

Taking on the Jungleman heads-up

You’d think playing for literally $millions in the biggest cash game in town would see poker-faces all round, but Gus has a way of tweaking a smile or two from even the most serious of players, Daniel Cates unable to keep a straight face as Hansen went to work on him…

We don’t know who walked off with the lion’s share of the money come the end of the night, but the real winners are the poker fans who still love to see the legends play against each other!

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