Hall vs Dentale HU4ROLLZ Twitter Beef

4 years ago
Cate Hall vs Mike Dentale
13 Dec

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It all started with a fairly innocuous hand of tournament poker in the Main Event of the recent WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic Main Event, but it soon escalated into a bitter Twitter war between Cate Hall and Mike Dentale, the latter calling Hall a “broke homeless crackhead” and a “cunt” among other nasty things.

Hall for her part responded by telling Dentale several times that he was a "bitch” and challenged the “pathetic sad sack” to a heads-up match for bankrolls - and it seems that the grudge match may actually be going ahead!

It has also spawned some of the funniest ‘poker’ videos ever seen. You can watch when Chris Tryba appeared to add the argument’s ‘cliff notes’ to a laugh-out-loud funny clip here. Or you can watch the Downfall version:

Hall has been on a heater of sorts this past couple of years, tournament cashes totalling over $800,000 – but the ‘read’ on her opponent which led to her stacking off 80 big blinds after a 10-minute tank early in the Main Event against Barry Hutter came in for criticism very quickly.

Dentale has been a mid-stakes tournament pro for some time now, but he has a reputation for being argumentative and somewhat on the ‘shady side’. His first tweet led to a not entirely unexpected feud breaking out…

…and we were off-and-running!

The to-and-fro between the pissed-off pair of pros took on a nastier edge when Dentale took to using ‘the language of sailors’ in his Twitter feed…but Hall is nothing if not feisty and able to defend herself…

But even her mum was calling for her not to be dragged into the petty (and not so petty) squabbles which pervade the Twittersphere.

Finally, although it’s not exactly a ‘confirmed date’ yet, good news hit the stands for the warring factions as commentator Matt Glantz offered a solution

…before adding some meat to the bones of the ‘HU4rollz’ debate which has seen poker forums awash with debate, trolling, strategy advice and political arguments stemming from the polarised duo at the heart of it

The jury is out on the likely winner of the heads-up contest, but Dentale tweeted

before posing in front of the venue which will host the grudge fight

For what it’s worth, I believe Hall is probably the better player, but it might depend on what rules are in place for trash-talking at the table when they eventually get down to it Hall is an intelligent woman with a sharp tongue, but Dentale does this kind of bullying for a living – if she can stick to poker she should win out if luck or tilt doesn’t get in the way!

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