Hellmuth Turns Up Late And Busts Out Early in $300k SHRB

5 years ago
Hellmuth Turns Up Late And Busts Out Early in $300k SHRB
28 May

Phil Hellmuth turned up two hours late for the Super High Roller Bowl last night, burned through half his $300k buy-in within minutes and bust out of the event on the first day, having a pop at those left in and leaving a lot of people wondering just what the hell the Poker Brat was playing at.

While the rest of the big name pros and high-rolling amateurs were battling out the first couple of levels, Hellmuth was nowhere to be seen, fans and followers wondering what those with a stake in big Phil would think of his tardiness as he blinded off a big chunk of his stack…

When Hellmuth did finally take his seat, he immediately gave up another 60k to Steffen Sontheimer, who would be needling him all night, as would the fans discussing his antics, the 2+2 forumites describing him as “an outrageous attention whore” and his performance “pretty pathetic”.

When Rainer Kempe finally sent Hellmuth packing, it was time for the big man to have a go at the rest of the players in his post-match interview – and that didn’t go down well either…

Hellmuth’s horrible tournament was in stark contrast to good friend Daniel Negreanu, Kid Poker surviving a ‘t-shirt attack’ by long-time foe Doug Polk and ending the day as chip leader in the race for the $5million top prize.

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