High Stakes Collusion Ring on Party Poker?

1 year ago
High Stakes Collusion Ring on Party Poker?
23 Oct

A regular at Party Poker’s high-stakes MTT’s has claimed that a collusion ring has been operating on the site over the last few months and has called on the site to investigate what he calls ‘the dirty operation’, as well as seeking the help of other players on the site to confirm his suspicions.

‘FarseerFinland’ posted his claims – along with several links to the highly-suspicious play he encountered – on the 2+2 forum, stating that: ‘I understand that this topic and this issue is very hard to believe. And trust me, I wish that this would all be a bad dream and I would wake up more than anyone else,’ before launching into a detailed recounting of his recent bad experiences on the site.

He initially names 6 players ‘who have all started to play this year, mostly during May and mostly $109+ tournaments’, and whose play is very strange, Farseer describing one tournament final table where:

"In 48 hands with somewhat short stacks none of my final 6 opponents gets all-in and called (I busted 3 opponents)…" adding: "After I get busted tournament takes less than 3 minutes to finish."

Although such claims appear with some regularity, the detailed explanations and circumstantial evidence Farseer has provided – along with another 8 names ‘who have similar tournament history as 6 players in first part…’ has apparently led to suspension of accounts and a Party Poker investigation.

‘Farseer’ describes himself as ‘a rather frequent and long-standing (would like to think credible) poster in MTT threads here in 2+2,’ who has been ‘mostly playing in Party Poker, grinding their high-stakes leaderboards for last 1,5 years under alias ”DukeOfSuffolk”.

He states in his initial forum post that:

"I think I have decent touch of finding collusion if there's any, but very rarely have seen clear collusion / soft play incidents and before this only in satellites during 13 years I have played online poker."

Having explained his worries to the 2+2 Party Rep, who Farseer described as ‘wonderful doing her job as middle woman between forum and Party Poker staff’, he was informed last Friday that the site’s security department was carrying out a ‘full investigation’ and this Monday that:

"I have also been informed that all accounts listed have been now suspended until investigation has been concluded."

However, he returned to the forum yesterday, stating:

"I was informed that accounts mentioned in the OP were suspended and under investigation, but as you can see ‘PowerCarl’ [one of the players he alleges is part of the collusion ring] obviously isn't. I fail to understand why Party security is lying constantly. If you see any of the aforementioned players (14 at the starting post) at the tables, please be kind and inform this thread."

When asked whether he had contacted Patrick "Pads" Leonard – ‘As well as being a Party ambassador, his staking group must have some players that have come into contact with these suspicious accounts’ said ArtyMcFly - Farseer explained that he did indeed message him, Leonard apparently ‘promising to answer soon and asked me to add him on Skype. Nothing after that, he hasn't approved my add Skype request either.’

"I actually thought they had agreed to handle via Party Rep only, as she said that Patrick is in a hurry, but still more worrying."

Farseer added to his annoyance at how things are being handled by stating:

"No-one from Party except Party_Rep has had any contact with me. And I still think she is being honest, but obviously that would mean that Party security / fraud team is deliberately lying both to me and her," describing one of the alleged colluders’ registration for a major tournament as "tilting and disgusting".

The Party Poker representative for 2+2 has since responded, stating:

"All information is being looked into as a priority via the relevant teams. The OP and myself have been in discussion and all details have been shared with the Risk team management for review. We treat the accusations of collusion very seriously and will ensure relevant action is taken pending investigation."

In the past there have been claims of such collusion rings – as well as ‘bot rings’ - made against many of the world’s leading poker sites. Some have been found to be false claims, others have led to players been refunded, at least in part – though often haphazardly - for their losses.

Equity Poker, Bovada, and PokerStars as well as most other sites have had to deal with serious collusion problems or allegations over the past few years, as evidenced in our reporting via these links.

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