HighStakes Announce €50,000 in Winter Tournament Leaderboards

1 year ago
HighStakes Announce €50,000 in Winter Tournament Leaderboards
03 Nov

With all the gimmicks of Halloween consigned to history, we move into a new month with new and exciting promotions at HighStakes. The much-loved King and Jack of HighStakes leaderboards return, with €50,000 worth of prizes on offer.

Long-Term Value

HighStakes proudly offer long-term value to their customers, and the amazing leaderboards are just the tip of the iceberg

The leaderboards reward the most consistent players, but also offer a tempting chance for struggling players to hit it big with a single score. With great prizes on offer, a big win can catapult you right up there into contention for a bankroll changing score.

The advice for crushing leaderboards is always the same though. Get in early and start booking some points to give yourself the best chance of success. The guys who wins these things are always there getting stuck right in from the very first events.

The promotion runs throughout the entire month, so there is no time to lose. Get registered and get playing.

Winter King Of HighStakes €35,000 TLB

The premium leaderboard offers 20 paid positions with a top prize of €4,483. Even a min-cash is worth €215.

Any real money tournament of satellite counts towards your score, unless specified as a separate event such as the Freerolls & Glory Series events

Over the first couple of days of the month ‘RBCrkuFR1’ has managed to open up a slight early lead, with eight tournaments played. ‘Red8Dawn’ is leading the way in volume with an incredible 15 tournaments finished already.

Overlay is expected in most of the events eligible, making it great value even without the leaderboard prizes on offer. 

Winter Jack Of HighStakes €15,000 TLB

The lower tier leaderboard is a freeroll only promotion. No bankroll needed!

Again, the top 20 places are paid with a generous €2,530 for the player who tops the list. With an average field of less than 100 players, anybody entering tournaments all month has a realistic chance of making a bankroll out of nothing.

‘AbreuSan’ has been the most successful player out of the blocks this month, topping the leaderboard with 10 tournaments played already.

All the rules and information regarding both leaderboards can be found here.

There is also some interesting news on the partnership front. The management team have improved transparency for their new agent / refer a friend back office. Anybody interested in applying to work as an affiliate for HighStakes can learn more about the process here.

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