HighStakes Smash Guarantees During BIG SUNDAY €125K GTD

4 months ago
HighStakes Smash Guarantees During BIG SUNDAY €125K GTD
08 Oct

It’s been an incredible weekend of tournament over on HighStakes. A couple of big names put in stellar performances across multiple tournaments, and we saw great support for two new events run for the very first time.

Sunday 215 Opener: €7500 GTD

‘fish2019’ took top honours in this event after besting a 32 entrant field. Top prize was €4,958 which isn’t bad for four hour’s work. The top heavy structure meant the top five walked away with all the loot.

1 fish2019 €4,958
2 brenowlol €2,948
3 TheBluffer €2,010
4 PokerACE7 €1,474
5 ih8u2 €1,072

Sunday 215: €10K GTD

The higher guarantee attracted 38 entrants for this event. ‘drunkenBR’ took top spot and started off a bit of a roll for the day. The Brazilian reg is a former TLB winner and known as a player to be feared in the big ones. 

He collected €3,024 for his efforts with prizes being handed out for the top 12.

1 drunkenBR €3,024
2 LovepokerGR €2,304
3 FatsoWinmuch €1,872
4 used2bcool €1,584
5 PepperHype €1,296
6 can23 €1,080
7 TheBluffer €864
8 Stef111 €720
9 LETO1000 €576
10 hill477 €360
11 Spikefinger1 €360
12 pokergod €360

Sunday 350: €2,250 GTD

Yesterday saw the first ever running of this event and a prizepool of €9,280 absolutely smashed the guarantee. 29 players entered the tournament and took nearly five hours to work out a winner. 

In the end it was ‘used2bcool’ who came out on top, picking up a tidy €3,437.31. Again we saw a top heavy payout structure allowing for excellent prizes at the sharp end.


Sunday 650: €6,000 GTD

The big sister event was also running for the first time this weekend. Only 18 runners meant that we again saw the field fighting for five prizes. 

After less than three hours, Bryan ‘BOOMswitch’ Paris was the last man standing - as he has been so many times in his career. €4,320 was his reward in what was just a continuation of an amazing September where the American took down the King Of HighStakes promo (MTT 20K GTD TLB).

‘fish2019’ also managed to sneak in another great result after picking up €2,160 for third place.

1 BOOMswitch €4,320
2 FatsoWinmuch €2,700
3 fish2019 €2,160
4 Riverbust €1,620

Sunday 500 €20,000 GTD

‘drunkenBR’ was the man on form again as he pummeled his way to victory over a 38-man field. €4,200 was a more than respectable pay day for the in-form Brazilian.

More than five hours of action saw players fighting over what turned out to be quite a bit of overlay. The €17,670 prizepool didn’t quite meet the guarantee which meant there was extra value to be had.

‘fish2019’ and ‘BOOMswitch’ were yet again to be found on the prize list in 10th and 12th places respectively.

1 drunkenBR €4,200
2 Civil €3,200
3 FatsoWinmuch €2,600
4 MrBadBeat €2,200
5 can23 €1,800
6 pokergod €1,500
7 DEMOS1976 €1,200
8 TheBluffer €1,000
9 Dima82Russian €800
10 fish2019 €500
11 Bacus2020 €500
12 BOOMswitch €500

500 Second Chance €10,000 GTD

The Second Chance was another short affair taking only two and a half hours to complete. 27 players fought it out for a €4,600.37 top prize with ‘ih8u2’ finally coming out on top.

‘ThieF83’ gets a notable mention for fourth place. The Greek grinder is one of the most active players on the server and picked up €1,287.95. Rounding out the payouts was ‘used2bcool’ who added €1,010.99 to his bankroll for fifth.


Sunday 1000: €15,000 GTD

The ‘Big One’ for the day saw 18 players break the guarantee. ‘drunkenBR’ continued his rampage as he picked up his third win of the day. €6,552 was the prize up top, making it the biggest payout for the Brazilian of the day.

‘used2bcool’ followed up in second place, with ‘ih8u2’ picking up yet another score for the final prize in fourth.


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