Ike Haxton Top 3 Televised Poker Hands

1 year ago
Ike Haxton Top 3 Televised Poker Hands
25 Dec

Isaac Haxton is certainly a player of world class caliber. His presence playing the highest stakes cash games online is one that will be remembered by many. Today we look at the top 3 hands that have been captured of Haxton in some of the biggest games in the world.

1. Haxton v Ryan Daut - 2007 WPT Carribean Poker Adventure ($8k buy-in)

In this heads up battle, Haxton delivers one of the most audacious bluffs ever televised. A memorable experience to say the least. Unfortunately for Ike, this bluff was not enough to earn him the victory,  Ike took home $861,000 for his troubles with Ryan Daut taking home the trophy and $1.5 million.

2. Haxton v Antonio Esfandiari - High Stakes Poker Cash Game

Haxton takes on Esfandiari in this cash game battle where he is seen pulling the trigger again for all his chips. Antonio finds himself in a tough spot with Haxton putting him to the test for a pot potentially worth $250,000.

3. Haxton v Adrian Mateos - SHR Bowl 2018

Another ballsy play by Haxton, although this time he finds his bluff picked off by one of the best in the world. Despite his bluff not getting through, Ike won the tournament for his biggest live tournament win of $3.6 million. Mateos closely finished 5th place for just short of $1 million.

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