Jake Schindler Sits With $2Million In Private Bellagio Game!

5 years ago
Jake Schindler Sits With $2Million In Private Bellagio Game!
27 Apr

Hank Yang was down the Bellagio minding his family’s business at the $40/$80 table in the Bellagio when, according to Yang’s recent photo Tweet, the Mobyest of Dicks started rocking the boat.

The Jake Schindler, referred to here as ‘this dude I never seen before’ came over to the table and unracked a few towers of thousand dollar chips, a few pretty pink $25,000s, and a neat little stack of the Bellagio’s oversized $100k baccarat chips for a total buy in of $2 million

Imagine making change for all the $20 chips he needed for the blinds.

If you think a buy in like that would buy you some respect you would be way wrong. The game got pretty raucous after that; when Schindler got caught bluffing, Yang also nearly took his eye out with a wildly flung burger bun. 

Talk about playing for rolls.

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