Jamie Kerstetter Accepts $10k Vegan for a Year Prop Bet Against Bill Perkins

9 months ago
Jamie Kerstetter Accepts $10k Vegan for a Year Prop Bet Against Bill Perkins
08 Feb

The ‘Great Vegan Debate of 2019’ has ended the way most poker arguments end – in a prop bet – with Jamie Kerstetter looking to take down a $10,000 victory against Bill Perkins if she can last a whole year as a vegan!

As is often the case when the big name poker pros take to Twitter, lines are drawn in the sand and players take sides, Daniel Negreanu’s initial tweet about how disgusting milk and the dairy industry is seeing Doug Polk and Charlie Carrel opposing the vegan viewpoint.

Andrew Lichtenberger, Liv Boeree and Cate Hall all took exception to Polk’s ‘anti-vegan/anti-Negreanu stance, and when Bill Perkins stood by Dnegs…

…the germs of a prop bet took root – although the $10k price tag for foregoing all meat and dairy might seem a tad light to the ‘Hmmm, bacon!’ brigade.

Enter Jamie Kerstetter, a very unusual member of the poker pro brigade who swapped law for poker, lived through Black Friday on Full Tilt, has $650k or so in live tournament winnings and has been host and commentator for the likes of Poker Night In America and the WSOP.

Kerstetter explained the thinking behind her acceptance of the prop bet challenge to PokerNews, stating:

“I would watch a shocking video and be disgusted enough to give up dairy for a week and then just kind of forget and go back to business as usual."

It won’t be easy for her though, as she admitted:

“…just the mention of the bet has brought out a ton of trolls complaining about vegans”, adding: “I think the biggest challenges will be shopping, food prepping and cooking for just one — I'm not imposing this on my friends unless I actually learn to cook something that doesn't suck (doubtful).”

With promises of twice-monthly updates for fans and followers, Kerstetter has a decent chance of winning the $10k – and Bill Perkins only bets when he thinks the outcome is win/win anyway, so the ‘vegan haters’ will hopefully be left with empty bellies regardless of the result.

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