Jason Koon’s Stem Cell Treatment a Success!

11 months ago
Jason Koon’s Stem Cell Treatment a Success!
13 Feb

It’s not often poker players suffer injuries at the table, but the modern-day emphasis on fitness for those long grinds has certainly seen a few off the tables – the good news for partypoker pro Jason Koon being that his stem cell treatment for his damaged bicep tendon has worked remarkably well, the high-stakes crusher tweeting…

Citing “biceps tendon degeneration creating shoulder pain so bad I could barely sleep and had less than 30% strength”, Koon believes that it was “years of wear and tear” which caused the agonising problem, stating that his right bicep “finally went kaboom during a set of inverted pushups” a few years back.

It obviously hasn’t affected his poker ability, the all-time ‘winningest’ West Virginian boasting $11,481,222 in tournament winnings to his name, victory at the PCA $25k High Roller last month and a runner-up spot in a US Poker Open $25k event this week in Vegas taking him over the $11million milestone.

It was a buff-looking Koon who joined forces with partypoker last October

 …but beneath the muscles-tight shirt he’d been harbouring an injury which he was hoping the famed orthopaedic surgeon Dr Roddy McGee could help to fix. McGee grew up in Las Vegas before attending the University of Utah in Salt Lake City where he not only gained his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology but was also a pitcher and outfielder on the ‘winningest baseball team in Ute’s history’.

The doctor’s own Twitter page may give hope to another poker player struggling with injury at the moment, Daniel Negreanu due in hospital March 1st for ACL surgery…

Hopefully ‘KidPoker’ can follow in Koon’s footsteps and return to full health, the pair an important part of the high-stakes world of poker.

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