Jeff Boski The Raw Vlogger Winning It All

3 years ago
The Raw Vlogger Winning It All
27 Dec


It’s an often quoted fact that the man who invented poker was bright, but the man who invented the poker chip was a genius. Those little discs you shuffle and flip and toss into pots have something talismanic about them, they symbolize the game in a beautiful way. I know some people who take appreciation to extremes, collecting chips or even set after set of chips. They meet up in forums like Chip Talk and call their picture chip porn.

If you find yourself enjoying Jeff Boski’s (aka Jeff Sluzinski) latest vlog just a little too much, you may well be one of those people.

With his wry sense of humor and Southern drawl, Jeff is not a one for messing around with fancy shooting, he films on an iPhone and edits on iMovie. And that dry straight talking tone is a lot of the appeal of his vlog. Unless you are one of those Chip Talk chip perves.

His blog does pretty well on poker vlog bingo - he talks to the camera while driving – I dread to think how unsafe Vegas roads must be with everyone vlogging their commute – and talks to the camera while walking. But when you hit the table, the movement stops. He’s a little shy of shooting during the action while playing, so instead hand histories are given over intimate close-ups of his chip stack shot during the break.

Now is a good time to start watching Boski’s vlog, he seems to be on a bit of a run pretty sick having taken down a $225 rebuy at the Wynn two weeks ago and followed it up with another first place in the same tourney in his latest entry. Such a rush, in fact that, he manages to double up during one cash game during a break and win back his tournament buy-in in another.

You will also have noticed if you watched the video,that the Wynn has some very sensual tournament chips.

Personally, I would have liked more detail from the hand histories, a little more insight into what he was thinking, what hands he is putting his opponent on, the whys and wherefores of it all. I find that when the trip report is just hand histories it can make even a ten minute video feel twice as long.

It’s still pretty exciting to see a guy go back to back for $10k+, just not as exciting as all those chips.

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