Jennifer Tilly Reveals How to Successfully Bluff at Poker

10 months ago
Jennifer Tilly Reveals How to Successfully Bluff at Poker
06 Nov

With live tournament earnings in excess of $1 million and a WSOP gold bracelet won in a 2005 Ladies Only event, Jennifer Tilly has made her mark in poker.

Of course, those accomplishments on the felt will forever be overshadowed by her legendary acting career that has spanned almost four decades and includes well over 100 appearances in film and television.

It's likely fair to say that Tilly's acting ability has served her well on the poker table. The 64-year-old admitted as much in a recent US Weekly interview in which she revealed her secret at pulling off successful bluffs against her opponents.

"The key to a good poker face is behaving 'as if,' Tilly said. "When I’m bluffing, I pretend I have pocket aces, and that makes me feel serene."
Feigning serenity when you don't have the best hand is a skill that many poker players no doubt wish they possessed. But Tilly also admits to having "a psychic ability (that) helps me in poker" in addition to being advantageous "when I need my boyfriend to bring something home and he’s not answering his phone."

That boyfriend, as many already know, is poker pro Phil Laak. The two have been an item since the early 2000s, and together have cashed for almost $5 million in poker tournaments.

Playing poker for big money, however, is apparently not as enjoyable for Tilly as spending time with friends while playing for smaller, more sociable stakes.

"I’ve had a poker (home) game going on for 20 years," the scream queen said. "We buy in for $20 and play for nickels and quarters. More fun than losing money with degenerates!"
Whether playing for high or low stakes, Tilly is a force to be reckoned with. Check out how she pushes off Tony G while holding a weaker hand in the video below:

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